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At The Bridge into Wellness Centers, our mission is to provide accessible and effective telemedicine treatment for opioid use disorder. We are dedicated to helping individuals regain control of their lives and achieve lasting recovery.


Overcoming Addiction

No one decides to become addicted to substances. The brain is damaged by drug use. Recovery allows the brain to become a tool to support one's recovery. Treatment allows the afflicted person to manage their illness and can assist the brain in retraining itself. The brain becomes retrained by replacing negative behaviors with positive behaviors- by doing so the brain is able to make new healthy neuro-pathways and connections that support recovery behavior.  The Bridge into Wellness Centers were pioneers in the field. Since 2016 we have advocated for science-based treatment and evidence-based practices to assist people to accomplish recovery from substances. We understand the science of addiction and understand the devastation that addiction can cause. Here, our philosophy is different.  We believe that treating addiction is only part of the healing process. When your wellness is compromised, you develop unhealthy thinking styles and may lack support in certain areas of your life. We will help you restore the 8 dimensions of wellness so that you can regain healthy well-being.


At our treatment center, we use our own unique program and practice in a safe and warm environment of mutual understanding. We meet you where you are. We aim to help you to gain control of your life back, help you reconcile with your past, and empower you to embrace the future and be your best self.

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