Telling other people that you are recovering from addiction can be hard to do if you suffer from feelings of shame and guilt. The more commited you are to your recovery-the more you will approve of yourself and the more approval you will recieve from others when stating "I am recovering."

Being more open about your journey can help you reduce the feelings of shame and guilt.

  • Having no guilt or fear about being exposed.

  • Being admired for your growth and progress.

  • Discussing your life freely as most people do.

  • Helping others along their journey- being a role model.

Never forget that you are whole person, not just a recovering addict and that in real friendships you will find support and comfort.

Your story could help another person and those that reject you for your past are not worth your time for they would not have made a good friend in the end. Remember that recovery is a lifestyle, not a destination!

Being able to discuss your life normall